TIMELY JEWELS {Unique Handmade Jewelry}

Copper Necklaces

by Timely Jewels

Copper Necklace N134




Cinnabar, turquoise and copper necklace.

Copper Necklace N145




Kukui nuts, clay, Japanese glass, silk fiber, copper — ‘deconstructed’.

Copper Necklace N152




Glass, silk, copper — ‘deconstructed’.

Copper Necklace N153




Japanese glass beads, hand-crocheted silk, copper.

Copper Necklace N160




Fused glass, copper, Japanese glass beads, copper.

Copper Necklace SBN328


Approx. 16.5" Long


Unique design, Cape Amethyst on antiqued copper chain choker necklace. Hand-wrought copper clasp.

Copper Necklace N124


Approx. 16" Long


Jasper and copper on antiqued copper chain necklace. Front closure.

Copper Necklace SBN348


Approx. 21" Long


Make a statement with this Montana Agate set on fold-formed flame oxidized copper. Handmade copper chain. Hooks in front.

Copper Necklace N144




"Thunder Egg" slice (natural Agate).

Copper Necklace N158




Jasper, copper.

Copper Necklace N163




Natural Chrysopras stone, copper, hand-crocheted silk fiber.

Copper Necklace N166




Aqua Terra Jasper, hand-crocheted silk, Magnesite, copper.

Copper Necklace N120


Pendant — 2.75" Wide

Approx. 16" Long

Out-of-this-world Landscape Jasper necklace. Heavy antiqued copper chain. Hand-forged copper clasp.

Copper Necklace N121


Approx. 18" Long


Free-form Jasper slab on fold-formed flame-oxidized copper, Botswana Agate with Japanese glass beads necklace. Copper clasp.

Copper Necklace N101


Approx. 16" Long


Fabulous original design necklace: Chrysocolla, Varisite and Agate on flame oxidized copper. Hand-forged copper hook clasps close in front.

Copper Necklace N103


Approx. 16" Long


Turquoise with free-form frame, hammered scrolls and hand-crocheted silk fiber necklace. Hand-forged copper clasp.

Copper Necklace SBN363


Approx. 16" Long


Oxidized copper discs with Abalone accent choker necklace. Hand-crocheted silk fiber. Hand-forged copper hook clasp.

Copper Necklace N151




"Calderesque" design, flame-oxidized copper.

Copper Necklace N156




Serpentine, Amethyst, copper.

Copper Necklace N162




Free-form design, flame-oxidized copper.

Copper jewelry has been found in archaeological digs that date back to pre-Columbian America. Early Indian metalwork consisted of hammered and etched copper pendants and earrings.

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