TIMELY JEWELS {Unique Handmade Jewelry}

Jewelry by Timely Jewels

jewelry designs for Timely Jewels copper necklaces by timely jewels bracelets by timely jewels beaded and fiber necklaces by timely jewels stone necklaces by timely jewels earrings by timely jewels

Shades of earthy tribal and cool ethnic influences are found in the unique handmade jewelry designed and handcrafted by Monika M. in Santa Barbara, California.

Uncommon materials are explored in the one-of-a-kind or very limited edition jewelry designs. Gemstones, original hand fabricated metal and fiber convey the feeling of delight and intensity.

Interestingly shaped settings combined with gemstones, glass, shell, amber, coral, leather, hemp and silk fiber, and flame oxidized copper make the uniquely bold and dramatically organic creations a very personal statement.

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